Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Disagree With Nader

In a recent article, Ralph Nader is recommending that Newt Gingrich run as a 3rd party candidate. This would be a big mistake if Gingrich is concerned for the welfare of the American people. Nader propbably knows that and being a liberal would be happy if Obama wins a second term so it's not surprising that he says that.

Bill Clinton became president not because most of the people were in favor of him over George Bush but rather because Ross Perot stole votes away from those who would have otherwise voted for Bush. The same thing will happen if Gingrich decides to run as an Independent. He would steal Republican votes causing Obama to keep this nation in a slump for a second term.

Nader knows that nobody in their right mind will vote for the Green Party's candidate Rosanne Barr and being the liberal that he is its no wonder why he wants Gingrich to continue to run even if he doesn't represent the Republicans. Don't do it Newt!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Once Again The Democrats Are In The Business Of Discrimination

A recent article mentions that Democrats want to propose a tax hike of 5% for people making a million dollars or more. While this doesn't discriminate against one's background or gender, it does discriminate against one's income. This is clearly wrong in any sense. They have the robin hood mentality of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The last thing the poor need is a handout.

Back in Old Testament times, when grapes were harvested, for example, the grapes that fell on the floor that the farmer didn't want were not collected and given to the poor. They were left there for the poor to go and collect. This was done so that the poor feel like they worked for their keep. The government didn't have to take any grapes from the farmer, nor did they have to give anything to the poor.

Unfortunately, all these handouts have spoiled everyone give people a sense of entitlement rather than the drive to want to work. We've cultured a lazy society not wanting to work. Yes, the Democrats want to take that 5% to use for being able to hire more people but no this is not the way to go about things. Why should we form brackets to where someone making just under a million dollars a year dreads receiving a raise to their salary. Why should they who have worked hard for their income have to pay to give a handout to those unwilling to give it their best effort?

Here is a superior way to go about things. First, we must cut on taxes by shrinking the size of the government. We have a large, constipated, government which operates very inefficiently–sort of like Microsoft. We need a smaller, government which operates very efficiently by eliminating bottlenecks and inappropriate regulations–sort of like Apple. Second, we must shrink the size of the IRS by eliminating the need for most citizens to have to file for taxes each year. The simple way to do it is to charge the same fixed percentage of everyone's paycheck, interest, profit from stock sales, at the time the paycheck, interest, or profit is given. This can only be done if all Americans were on the same tax bracket, which in turn would cut on a lot of the IRS administrative costs and reduce our tax rate. Then people are paying less taxes and there is no need for itemization.

As far as the poor go however, they should be the ones who have to file for taxes each year if they make below a salary deeming them below the poverty line. In doing so, only the poor who give the effort to file their taxes are the one who get a refund so it doesn't feel like a handout. There would be no need to go out an police people who don't file their taxes either since not getting a refund is their penalty for being lazy.

This is the simple way to correct the tax code to provide more income for households regardless of their salaries as well as to let the poor get a little extra cash without having a sense of entitlement for being poor. Moreover, since everyone hates filling taxes it will inspire the poor to strive to get out from under the poverty line. This is a way to reduce the number of poor in the nation without increasing everyone's taxes–which takes more money from use causing us to be poor as well.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Bigot Government

The Government is an organization which legislates discrimination. They require employers to request demographic information such as gender and race and claim that it does not affect whether or not a person gets hired. They are full of Bovine Dung. If it does not affect whether or not a person gets hired then why do they insist on affirmative action? While companies claim that it does not affect their being hired, they should not pursue an individual who refuses to disclose but they do if they're interested in a person and want to satisfy their affirmative action obligations imposed on them by the government.

It all started with the idiot liberals yapping away after the abolition of slavery. White northerners moved down south to set up schools to educate the newly emancipated folk. The liberals complained at why blacks were not educating blacks and forced legislation mandating a certain number of black teachers to coincide with the ratio of whites to blacks in this nation. If they had just come off the plantations and there weren't enough educated black people to teach black children, then white folk had to be the ones teaching them. But no, this can't happen if we are to have equality, according to liberals. That is when unqualified teachers appeared on the scene.

This scenario got worse during the 1950's in an attempt to "desegregate" the nation. They forced students to go to schools in their local areas that parents who cared for the welfare of their children now had to send them to the local substandard school to be in class with students who didn't want to learn rather than be able to go across town to a school with higher standards and better disciplined classmates. Now even children with a high aptitude for learning are unable to. Dunbar High School in Washington, DC was a black school that produced many prominent blacks that this nation saw before the 1960's. They maintained high standards and brought in highly qualified teachers. Desegregation resulted in bringing in the local students that didn't want to learn resulting in capable teachers not wanting to teach there, that the school eventually met it's demise.

Here's what Thomas Sowell has to say regarding this matter in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals: "Ironically, black high schools in Washington today have many of the so-called "prerequisites" for good education that never existed during the heyday of Dunbar High School–and yet the educational results are abysmal". While it is their intention to help lower income households progress, the liberals, with their activist mindset, do everything with haste. They don't consider the ramifications of expediting social equality by forcing schools to hire unqualified persons to balance out the demographics.

Moreover, different cultural groups deviate to different professions. I have noticed that many students from Asian countries who don't speak English well tend to go into professions which deal more with math and less with grammar. Some cultures breed hardworking people while education is not emphasized in other cultures. To force companies to hire a certain number of minorities is wrong and leads to discrimination, rather than narrowing the gap between the different cultural groups, by creating a distinction between the different groups.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Why We're Still In A Recession

In the past I've noticed that fresh college graduates who majored in business tend to be arrogant and cocky and think that they've learned what it takes to become rich when they have yet to experience the real world. It appears that these same tactics taught in school, the textbook examples, are what are being applied to the real world when each scenario needs some adjustment. The same think can be cited from many patients who go to the Doctor and he assumes their ailment is the same thing as the rest of their patients, because they failed to listen to the one detail in the patients given symptoms which render their condition something else. In most cases their failed diagnoses is for one that is more life threatening than what the Dr. assumed their condition to be.

It is evident that the same thing is happening with the economy from all those dumb politicians running the show, thanks to ignorant voters who should have never been given the right to vote in the first place. When the government was established, only those who owned land were given the right to vote. This allowed people who had a vested interest in what the government does to choose people that would represent them adequately. Now everyone is given the right to vote including all these illegal immigrants, thanks to voter fraud. The fact that people in government and the fed. fail to accommodate their treatment of this recession for it's particular symptoms are since they have been indoctrinated in their own way of doing things and not in how things should be done. Personally, they should all be sued for malpractice.

Despite this recession having persisted, they are still stuck in their own stupid mentality. How they tried to fix things, which failed, is still how they are trying to correct things now. All they think is stimulus and they still think that it's the way to correct the economy, as evidenced by a recent article. The reality is, is that this recession is very much like nausea. I've gone deep sea fishing twice. The first time, I didn't take any dramamine. It took 3 hours before the boat finally came to a stop, and when it did was when I got sea sick. I was throwing up, yet catching plenty of fish. By the time the boat was on it's 3 hour trip back to shore I felt fine and was enjoying the boat ride. In lieu of getting sea sick, the second time around I took dramamine before I got on the boat. This time I got sick during the 3 hour ride to the Gulf Stream. I was unable to fish and only caught a couple fish that whole time. Moreover, I had this weird floaty feeling for up to a week afterwards when I was in a car. While not taking dramamine produced a drastic impact, I was able to recover rapidly. The dramamine didn't prevent me from being sea sick. It instead lessened the blow of the seasickness by stretching out the duration of it.

The same thing could be said for squandering our hard earned tax dollars on stimulus. If we didn't do anything, the recession would have been one major jolt but would have already recovered. All the stimulus did is mellow out the impact of the recession but by stretching out the duration, only with each stimulus the government does, it digs us deeper and deeper into debt. Apparently we have crossed the threshold of the event horizon to the point of no return since the same people who wasted away all those dollars are still in charge and still doing the same thing because they haven't learned their lesson.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finally The Government Is Beginning To Doing Something Against Unions.

I just noticed an article on yahoo finance titled: "Judge blocks slowdown by US Airways pilots". Apparently the union pilots were deliberately delaying flights. It's good to see a judge taking action against the union since the government always seems to do everything in favor of unions and against businesses, to hinder them from actually earning a revenue which allows them to hire more people. Unions have been the scourge of businesses for decades and are unnecessary. While they were a necessity at one time, better labor laws have taken into effect that unions have become leeches on businesses. Being leeches, when the economy suffers a downturn, as we have seen in recent years, these businesses simply can't afford the terms of the unions that they end up going bankrupt, as seen with General Motors. This is worse for the state of California which unionized their government employees a few decades ago. their funds have been slowly funneled to the union workers that now, after a few decades we're beginning to see the effects as the state faces bankruptcy. Since we have the National Board of Labor there is no reason for unions to maintain operation. The government should force unions to cease operation once and for all so that businesses can grow and we can once again experience the economic prosperity that made this nation great. The presiding judge over the issue is Judge Robert J. Conrad Jr., a good conservative Republican. Good work Judge Conrad. Keep it up!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's About Time The Government Does Something Worthwhile - Like Shutting Down

I just noticed an article on yahoo finance titled "Congress Can’t Compromise: Government May Shutdown Over Funding For FEMA". Let them shut down. This way they will be using less tax payer dollars to operate. Of course, I'm sure they'll find ways to squander the tax dollars not spent for them to operate while they're shut down. Regardless, FEMA is a useless government agency. We've seen their absolutely horrendous track record with their response to hurricane Katrina as well as other forms of devastation. There is nothing FEMA can do that the military can't. The military trains their troops on discipline, obeying orders, and efficiency. FEMA on the other hand deals with bureaucracy and slow response of their inefficient government employees. Why not just get rid of FEMA altogether and let the military handle emergencies as they can get the job done.